SEO Consulting

Get SEO consulting with actionable steps to improve your website’s SEO performance.

SEO Consulting Packages

30-Minute Call

30-Minute Call: $499

A transformative 30-minute one-on-one SEO consulting call.

This personalized session is a great opportunity to get a glimpse into your website’s SEO performance and find out what you need to get results.

What You Get:

– SEO Content Evaluation: Uncover the secrets of SEO copywriting that will become fundamental to your SEO success. Discover content gaps and flaws. Lear how to craft content that not only resonates with your audience but also pleases the search engine gods.

– Quick Technical Wins: Get a personalized SEO blueprint tailored specifically for your website. This will guide you through the algorithmic maze to achieve top Google rankings.

– Backlink Profile Overview: Get quick tips on how to improve your backlinks profile.

– SEO Trust Signals: Find out if Google trusts your site and how you can improve your reputation online.

1-Hour Call

1-Hour Call: $999

Transform your website’s search engine performance with a focused 1-hour SEO consulting call.

This immersive session is designed to provide actionable insights, delivering a comprehensive analysis of your current SEO strategy and a clear roadmap for improvement.

You’ll gain valuable knowledge to enhance visibility, drive traffic, and outpace your competition in search engine rankings.

What You Get:

– Screenshare: A hands-on interactive video-call to guide you step by step.

– Detailed Content Strategy Revamp: An exhaustive content analysis to uncover hidden opportunities for growth. Get advanced SEO copywriting strategies to refine your message and craft content that engages and converts.

– Extensive Technical SEO Audit: A deep into your website’s technical framework to discover impactful fixes and optimizations. This part of the session will cover crucial elements such as site structure, mobile-friendliness, and page speed optimizations, ensuring that your website stands on a solid foundation for both users and search engines.

– Backlink Portfolio Expansion Tactics: Advanced techniques for backlink acquisition and portfolio management. Develop a dynamic approach to building a diverse and authoritative set of backlinks, vital for boosting your site’s credibility and search ranking.

– Reputation and Trust Signal Strengthening: Learn to navigate and implement Google’s trust signals for your website. Understand the nuances of online reputation management and receive tailored advice on establishing your site as a trusted resource within your niche.

Monthly SEO Consulting

Monthly Consulting: $1499

Embark on a continuous journey to SEO excellence with a monthly consulting service tailored to keep your website’s performance not just on track, but accelerating ahead.

This service includes a weekly call each month, ensuring you’re armed with up-to-the-minute strategies and personal guidance to adapt to the ever-changing search landscape.

With this ongoing partnership, you’ll gain a dynamic, evolving SEO campaign that responds to new trends, algorithm updates, and your growing business needs.

What You Get:

– Weekly Content Strategy Optimization: Each call offers a chance to refine and evolve your content strategy, keeping it aligned with current best practices and searcher intent. Expect to end each month with a stronger content plan that captivates your audience and satisfies search engines.

– Ongoing Technical SEO Enhancement: Regular sessions allow for the progressive monitoring and tuning of your website’s technical health. This ongoing attention ensures your site is always optimized for speed, usability, and crawlability, adapting to new technical standards as they arise.

– Strategic Backlink Building Sessions: Develop a powerful backlink acquisition and maintenance strategy with weekly evaluations and adjustments. This ensures your backlink profile is not only robust but also resilient against penalties and devaluations.

– Reputation and Trust Signal Reinforcement: Continuously build and reinforce your site’s reputation with Google and users alike. Weekly calls provide the opportunity to assess trust signals, make necessary adjustments, and strategize for further enhancement.

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