Hey, I’m Bart Magera

I’m an SEO consultant, link builder, AI advisor, and musical artist based in Phuket, Thailand. I have over nine years of experience in the SEO industry with documented results.

I help website owners capture their audience using data and tested SEO strategies.

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As an SEO professional, I am dedicated to transforming your website into a powerhouse of growth. With strategic SEO backed by data, I offer specialized keyword research, innovative content creation, expert link-building, technical audit, and personalized consulting services. I am passionate about helping website owners capture their audience and achieve tangible results.


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SEO & Marketing Consulting.

Specialized Website SEO Audit.

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High Authority Backlinks & Digital PR Service.

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Looking to unlock the full potential of your business? As an SEO specialist in Phuket and AI enthusiast, I am passionate about discovering new opportunities for business growth. With my expertise in SEO and AI, I can help you build revolutionary products, release innovative services, and make more money.

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Bart with Anatolii Ulitovskyi on unmiss.com

On the unmiss.com podcast with Anatolii Ulitovskyi. We talked about how to create great content and how to implement effective optimization techniques. 


My musical projects.

Music is my life-long passion. I love making sounds that touch the soul. Solo, instrumental, and collaborations with various international artists.


My latest album “Taking Souls” on Spotify.


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