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SEO Audit Packages

Essential SEO Audit

Essential SEO Audit: $999

The Essential SEO Audit is a service meticulously designed to fortify the foundation of your website’s search engine performance.

The audit is a precise, investigative campaign, exploring every facet of your site’s SEO landscape.

Utilizing a diverse toolkit of modern strategies and seasoned analytical techniques, I delve into your site’s content, structure, and user experience – the trinity of essential SEO.

I examine keyword optimization, content relevance, and user engagement metrics to identify where your site excels and where it demands improvement.

From on-page elements to off-page essentials, our audit provides a comprehensive analysis, spotlighting opportunities that could dramatically increase your visibility.

The Essential SEO Audit is more than a mere examination; it’s a roadmap to dominance in search rankings. I illuminate the path to achieving SEO excellence, ensuring your site is primed for both current and future algorithm shifts.

What You get:

Video walkthrough with actionable steps to improve your website’s SEO performance.

Google spreadsheet with technical issues, keyword data, rankings and opportunities.

Post-audit 30-minute video call to discuss the next steps.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Evaluation: $999

Unlock the full potential of your website with an in-depth Technical SEO Evaluation — a critical deep dive into the inner workings of your site’s technical framework.

My methodical approach leaves no stone unturned, as I deploy a diverse array of sophisticated tools and manual expertise to dissect your website’s technical infrastructure.

This comprehensive evaluation is tailored to reveal the invisible barriers that might impede your site’s search engine performance.

I scrutinize every element – from your website’s crawlability to the nuances of meta tags and page speed optimization. My audit focuses on crucial improvements, paving the way for search engines to index your content effortlessly.

From XML sitemaps, structured data, and mobile-first indexing, I ensure that every aspect of your site adheres to the highest SEO standards.

The Technical SEO Evaluation comes with actionable solutions, aligning with Google’s ever-evolving algorithms to place you at the forefront of digital visibility.

What You Get:

Google spreadsheet with a full website crawl (A combination of Screaming Frog + Ahrefs + Surfer SEO + Secret Sauce).

Deep analysis and review.

Step-by-step video guide.

Backlink Health Check

Backlink Health Check: $999

Elevate your site’s authority with our full backlink audit.

I will meticulously go through your backlink profile with a fine-toothed comb, employing an arsenal of advanced tools and analytical prowess to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses within your site’s network.

My detailed assessment not only highlights robust links boosting your SEO but also flags potentially harmful ones that could lead to penalties.

You’ll gain crystal-clear insights on how to sculpt a robust backlink profile that Google loves.

I will guide you in cleansing your link ecosystem, ensuring that each backlink is contributing positively to your site’s SEO performance.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your backlink structure is not just intact but thriving, providing a bulletproof foundation for your online presence.

What You Get:

Spreadsheet with a full backlink report (toxic links, missing links).

Video with analysis and review.

Doc file with actionable steps.


SEO Content Analysis: $1499

Step into the realm of SEO mastery with my SEO Content Analysis service, designed to enhance your website’s content for peak search engine visibility and engagement.

I take a deep, analytical dive into the fabric of your website’s content, scrutinizing every word against the latest SEO benchmarks. My approach is surgical, dissecting your site’s content strategy, keyword usage, and overall readability to unearth the hidden potential within your pages.

I’ll evaluate your headlines, images, and the structure of your articles to ensure they’re not only SEO-compliant but also compelling to your audience. I look beyond the surface to assess the subtle nuances that make content resonate with both search engines and human readers alike.

With my SEO Content Analysis, you receive more than just an audit; it’s a transformative journey for your content. I’ll provide you with a detailed action plan that will elevate the quality of your content, align it with best practices, and position your site as an authority in your niche.

My vision for your content is not just to meet the status quo but to set new standards for excellence and engagement. Allow me to take your content through a rebirth, emerging as a beacon of relevance and authority that both users and search engines cannot ignore.

What You Get:

Google doc with deep analysis of your current SEO content health.

Google spreadsheet with metrics (KD, Volume) and opportunities.

Topical Authority Map

Video Walkthrough

Recover & Rank

SEO Recover & Rank: $1999

Bounce back and climb the search rankings with our SEO Recover & Rank service — your lifeline for reclaiming and enhancing your website’s search engine standing.

This service isn’t just about recovery; it’s about empowerment.

I conduct a thorough analysis to identify the penalties and drawbacks that have pushed your site down the search rankings. I employ a comprehensive suite of strategies, combining forensic SEO techniques with competitive benchmarking to understand where your SEO has faltered.

I dissect your site’s history, backlinks, content, and user experience, pinpointing the exact issues that led to ranking drops.

The recovery plan not only rectifies these issues but fortifies your site against future penalties. We’re committed to not just restoring your rankings but propelling your site to new heights.

SEO Recover & Rank also focuses on sustainable growth, optimizing your site’s infrastructure, and content strategy for lasting search engine success. You’ll receive a strategic blueprint that maps out the precise steps to take your site from overlooked to overbooked.

What You get:

Video walkthrough with actionable steps to improve your website’s SEO performance.

Google spreadsheet with technical issues, keyword data, rankings and opportunities.

Post-audit 30-minute video call to discuss the next steps.

SEO Strategy Design

SEO Strategy Design: $1999

Dive into the strategic depths of SEO with my SEO Strategy Design service, a bespoke solution crafted to navigate the intricate tides of search engine algorithms and user behavior.

In my pursuit to architect the ultimate roadmap for your website’s success, I meticulously analyze the competitive landscape and your current SEO standings. I’m not just looking for gaps; I’m searching for untapped opportunities that lie within the unique fabric of your online presence.

I consider the nuances of your industry, the specific needs of your clientele, and the dynamics of search trends to devise a strategy that’s as innovative as it is effective. My methodology intertwines technical SEO, content refinement, and off-page tactics, all tailored to resonate with your brand’s voice and objectives.

This personalized SEO Strategy Design isn’t a cookie-cutter plan—it’s a progressive blueprint, adaptable and resilient to the ever-changing algorithms. You’ll receive a comprehensive, step-by-step strategy that empowers you to climb the SERPs and capture the essence of digital prominence.

What You Get:

Google spreadsheet outlining the pain points of your current strategy and how to fix them.

Google doc with comments and instructions.

Video walkthrough with actionable steps.

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